The Italian Society of Phytochemistry and the Science of Medicinal, Food and Fragrant Plants (SIF), created in 1981, is a non-profit scientific organization

Its main aim is to promote knowledge of the plant world with an interdisciplinary approach. It includes members (researchers and experts) in the field of botany, phytochemistry, ecology, biochemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, toxicology, agronomy, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical technology.
Only SIF members are allowed to access and read the cards online for free or download them at a discounted price, after registering on the ESCOP website.

In detail, the aims are:

-promote and increase the scientific research in all the above mentioned fields
- disseminate the acquired scientific knowledge among the members, stimulating the exchange of information, collaboration and research cooperation
- create relations with other scientific societies and European and non-European centers with similar purposes
- disseminate the importance of Medicinal, Food and Fragrance Plant Science.

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