International Congress of AROMATIC AND MEDICINAL PLANTS CIPAM 2020

The 8 th edition of the International Congress on Aromatic and Medicinal Plants (CIPAM2020) is organized for the 3 rd time in Morocco. The previous editions were held in France (Toulouse, 2018), Portugal (Coimbra, 2016), Tunisia (Zarzis, 2014), Algeria (Bel Abbes, 2012), Italy (Cagliari, 2011) and Morocco (Marrakech 2009 and Fez 2007). These events have been launched following foundation of the Euro-Maghreb Network of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants (REMAPAM) in 2009 in Marrakech.

CIPAM 2020 is a scientific meeting that caters for all actors involved in the aromatic and medicinal plants sphere (researchers, industrialists, producers, herbalist...). The stakeholders participating in this event will present and debates their works around various themes related to the valorization of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) in different fields (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food-processing, agriculture...).

Due to the post-pandemic effects, since there are no official live events, SIF members are reminded to pay the renewal of the registration fees as soon as possible and possibly by December 31, 2020, by bank transfer and the form downloadable from the list at curtain (COMPANY - REGISTRATION) to be sent to