2nd International Congress on Edible, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (ICEMAP 2019)

The Congress venue is centrally located in Algheroin the Hotel Catalunya,Via Catalogna ,22. Alghero is an important tourist destination of Sardinia and overlooks the homonymous bay. Its territory has been inhabited since the Neolithic, as evidenced by the various necropolises found. The real city of Alghero was founded by the Doria of Genoa between 1102 and 1112.
Later it was sold by the Doria to the Aragonesi, then the Catalan colonization took place, whose cultural influence has reached our days. Alghero, in fact, has preserved the Catalan language and cultural tradition even when in 1720 Sardinia passed from the Aragonesi to the Kingdom of the House of Savoy.
The Congress will start on the afternoon of Wednesday 19thwith twoplenary lectures and will continue on Thursday 20thand Friday 21thwith furtherplenary lectures, short lectures, poster presentations.

The official language is English; no simultaneous translation will be provided.Additional informationisavailable onthe Congresswebsite from the end of February 2019

Due to the post-pandemic effects, since there are no official live events, SIF members are reminded to pay the renewal of the registration fees as soon as possible and possibly by July 31, 2020, by bank transfer and the form downloadable from the list at curtain (COMPANY - REGISTRATION) to be sent to segreteria.sif@gmail.com